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The following are samples of two large translation assignments.

This consists of a few pages from a large English-Spanish translation, completed in July-August 2001. The source consisted of operations manuals for oilfield drilling machinery. The original source documents were PDF files.

  • Most of the English text was extracted using Adobe Acrobat. The rest had been scanned and was produced using OCR.
  • The illustrations were extracted, and translated using imaging software.
  • The source text was translated using translation memory
  • Translated graphics were added back to Spanish text.
  • Finally, each Word file was converted to PDF.

    Total: 930 pages, approximately 135,000 words (source), completed in approximately 2 months.

    This is a one page of a sample Spanish-English translation. The source consisted of approximately 140 pages, regarding a refinery upgrade project for Mexico. The source was received on paper, scanned, converted to text using OCR, and translated with the aid of translation memory. (February 2002).

    Total: 140 pages, approximately 40,000 words (source), completed in 6 days.

    References on request.

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